Multi Spark To Redline!

Increase your car's performance with Miller Ignition's multi-spark capacitor discharge ignition. While similar in concept to an MSD box, our unique circuitry delivers multiple sparks all the way to redline. By using tried-and-true analog components, our ignition system maximizes reliability and durability.


Ignition Rethought

Miller Ignition's products are unique in that they use a momentarily uncoupled free-running power supply allowing use of larger capacitors and higher spark rates.


Currently made one at a time in the USA.

  • Classic cars just run better on CDI


Multi-Spark to REDLINE

This CDI has the ability to multi-spark all the way to redline increasing peak performance relative to other ignitions.

Increased Spark Duration

Increased spark duration relative to other ignition boxes improves performance especially at lean air fuel mixtures.

Fire Fouled Plugs

Miller Ignition is strong enough to fire fuel soaked plugs making things easier for people unfamiliar with classic cars.

Points/Pertronix Module Last MUCH Longer

Just enough current to keep the points clean is run through them. This results in less pitting and arcing and much longer life. If using an electronic distributor it will last longer as well as there is so little stress on it.

Less Time Between Sparks

Less time between sparks results in more meaningful gains in combustion efficiency. As RPM increases the time between sparks decreases slightly to improve performance further.